I do two basics types of commissions – rough and detailed ones. You can see more info below. 🙂

If you are interested, send me an e-mail (freyja25@gmail.com)

If you are not sure in which category your commission would fit in, just ask me – there are some special cases, when picture isn’t one of these examples and I’d tell you a price.

I will make a concept sketch for approval, once you accept, you are required to send the full payment before I will continue finishing it.
It usually takes me 3 – 14 days to finish picture, it depends on its difficulty.You’ll got your picture in .png file, in 2480×3508 pixels for detailed paintings and same or little bit smaller for rough paintings.

Pricing and payment:

Prices are in euros (€). Here are exchange rates www.xe.com
– I accept only Paypal. My paypal is freyja25@gmail.com

I draw

– animals, fantasy creatures, humans, human-like creatures
– fan art

I do not draw

– explicit sexual themes, hardcore violence

1. Rough painting

Not so detailed, visible brush strokes. Additional charge for a background, weapons, armor, props.

Portrait 65 € (Additional character + 40 €)

Halfbody 75 € (Additional character + 55 €)

Fullbody 90 € (Additional character + 70 €)

+ background
it depends on how complicated it would be: 10 € – 30 € (simple one for free)

  • weapons, complicated clothing, armor, props and other stuff will increase the price (usually additional 10 € – 25 €)

2. Detailed painting

Highly detailed, here I am trying to do my best and spend a lot of time. Additional charge for a background.

Portrait 95 € (Additional character + 70 €)

Halfbody 120 € (Additional character + 90 €)

Fullbody 150 € (Additional character + 110 €)

+ background
it depends on how complicated it would be: 20 € – 60 €

  • weapons, complicated clothing, props and other stuff are included in price
  • there is a charge for additional feathered wings, additional heads or similar stuff