Hi! I am an artist from Slovakia and I’ve always loved painting. My non-elvish name in real world is Eva. 🙂

Usually I paint fantasy stuff – my journey of fantasy artist started, when I was a kid and painted my first unicorn in a kindergarten. 🙂

During my elementary and high school I used to draw fantasy characters around block of notes which I wrote down. I guess my teachers weren’t very happy about it, but they tolerated it.

After finishing the high school I thought, that I would attend Academy of Fine Art, but I decided to study religions and painting remained a hobby closest to my heart. I started to paint digitally, as I got my first graphic tablet and I fell in love with it. Soon I got my first commission and since that I’ve known, that painting fantasy stuff is my dream job.

Nowadays I paint mostly dragons, elves and other fantasy creatures.  Some of my paintings are based on World of Warcraft universe, as I spend many years by playing it. I enjoy painting characters of others too, as it is a great feeling when my commissioners are happy and get their visions on the “paper” thanks to me. 🙂

Except painting I love fantasy in general, archery, cats and nature.